Desktop Software

Having been a programmer for many years, I often see software solutions as the first step in answering any new computer-related problem. Now, often, someone else has already created a solution to the problem and it can be just a quick search of the internet away.

Equally, however, an exact solution to a particular problem might require a unique and bespoke approach to achieve the desired result. I've written many such software solutions over the years and many of my programs and utilities continue to be in daily use with businesses and individuals across the Island and beyond.

Today, my primary desktop development platforms are targetted at using JAVA as a totally operating system agnostic basis for development. This allows the same software to run identically on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Mac OS desktop and laptop systems.

Using rapid development tools from Anywhere Software ( allows new ideas to be tested and developed at high speed, providing modern interfaces connected to comprehensive and secure back-end database solutions.


Here are just a few of the tools and applications that are currently deployed and in daily use.


SimpleShop is a comprehensive offline database application that allows the user to build a complete online shopping solution from an offline foundation.

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Developed for a local customer, NewsRound simplifies the management of a newspaper delivery service by quickly and efficiently organizing and maintaining the delivery routes and customer details. Monthly invoices and statements can be quickly created and price changes are reflected instantly across the entire database.


PropertyManager takes the strain out of managing the day-to-day accounting for any small-scale landlord or property investor. It allows the quick and comprehensive recording of both income and expenses for the business, producing up-to-the-minute reports on profitability and availability.

RFID Tags & Readers

RFID tags and cards provide a quick and easy solution to many tracking problems. I've developed a range of software solutions for tracking membership, customer loyaltiy and employee timekeeping.

RFID tags are inexpensive and easily maintained, logged and controlled. Software can keep track of tags with a simple contact or proximity reader and be linked to door locks and other similar security-related hardware in a variety of different ways.

Digital Rentbook

Being newly developed for 2021, my Digital Rentbook is an efficient solution to the problem of managing weekly rentals for a small-scale HMO (House in Multiple Occupancy).

It could also be the ideal solution for a small landlord to help manage the rent records of a few apartments or houses - particularly where the rent is collected or paid weekly.

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GDPR Compliance Aids

I've developed a suite of programs that help with the construction of your business's GDPR compliance documentation. With simple, question-driven interfaces, a suite of uniform, readable and compliant docements can be created for your business environment.

Facebook Adverts

Originally requested by a customer to help maximize the speed of creation and quality of production of photo-style adverts for Facebook (or any other media for that matter).

Build templates for standardised layouts, drop graphical features into the view and add standard text before excporting to JPG or PNG formats.

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