SimpleShop X2

A few years ago, the Isle of Man Government created a scheme to help local businesses to create a retail presence on the internet. They chose a UK-based platform that they supported for the first two years. After the initial period of support, the businesses who had signed up had to pay the standard fees of £50 per month to continue to use the service.

For some of my clients, this was just a bit too expensive, as their online sales were not really enough to make this a viable proposition.

I decided to see what I could do to help them and SimpleShop was the software solution I came up with to help make ths task easier. All the ahrd work of managing the stock database is handled locally and the pages are simply uploaded and updated as necessary.

Now, the latest version, SimpleShop X2, allows for the creation and management of a comprehensive and complete online store, with offers, linked products, unlimited prduct variations and robust support for Paypal either directly or via RomanCart.

SimpleShop X2 allows a business to have a complete online shopping presence for less than £100 per year with minimal setup costs and no hidden charges.

If you want to see SimpleShop X2 in operation, or want to discuss this or any other option, then give me a call or send me an email.