Programs for Everything

I've been writing software since I was about 12 years old - that's more than 40 years of experience and knowledge, doing something that is both fascinating and rewarding.

Over the years, the platforms - and indeed the languages - have changed dramatically and so have the requirements of the client. I now concentrate on providing simple solutions to everyday problems on desktop operating systems, often programming in B4X dialects that convert to cross-platform JAVA solutions.

I'm also able to create apps for the Android platform, suitable for use on mobile phones, tablets, TVs and set top boxes.

I also program in C and PYTHON for Arduino and Raspberry PI automation projects respectively.

SimpleShop X2

My SimpleShop X2 software platform is used by number of local businesses to build and maintain their e-commerce offerings. It offers a simple to use, low-cost alternative to more expensive online shopping solutions and is under more-or-less continual development and improvement.

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Development Platforms

Modern software development is about far more than just desktop apoplications, and I work on a range of different platforms using appropriate languages and development tools for each one.

Desktop Software

The B4X development tools from Anywhere Software provide a visual-basic-like environment for the rapid development of cross platform software solutions. On the desktop, applications that are compatible with Windows, Mac OS and most flavours of Linux are possible, thanks to the underlying use of JAVA as the language of final deployment.

These programs can be simple or complex, command-line or desktop and are easy to deploy and manage. I specialze in the development of primarily small-scale tools to automate specific tasks.

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Mobile Software

Using mobile development tools from the B4X suite allows for the rapid development of mobile apps for Android-based phones, tablets, tvs, set-top boxes, etc.

Such apps are a great way to help automate and computerize parts of your business workflow, making it easy to automate data collection, product tracking, delivery recording and Health & Safety monitoring tasks.

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Microcontroller Software

Working in C and PYTHON to develop software solutions for Raspberry Pi, RPi Nano, Arduino and ESP32-based hardware opens up the world of microcontrollers to provide mixed software/hardware solutions.

Microcontrollers are usually real-time systems, connected to various other monitoring or electro-mechanical devices. This area of software development includes the extremely popular creation of devices and interfaces for the Internet-of-Things (IOT) world.

Although the Raspberry Pi range of single-board computers are fully-capable of being used as stand-alone desktop devices, they are also ideal for the control of devices and sensors where the addition of a web-based interface or the use of date and time critical functions is required.

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