The Internet of Things

For many people today, the new world of connected smart devices is seen as the final frontier in hardware and software that finally makes every device a smart one that is aware of its surroudnings and meshed with the cloud for immediate access and control.

At the base of this internet revolution lie a whole range of tiny, rpogrammable, connected microprocessors, such as ESP32 wifi controllers and Atmel's range of tiny microcontrollers like that found in the popular Arduino development boards.

These devices provide the building blocks of our modern connected world, and the software to make them work is a fascinating and wide-ranging subject.

I develop solutions for Arduino and similar microcontrollers on a regular basis, allowing remote control and monitoring of diverse sensors and systems.

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi range of single-board computers offer a more powerful alternative to simpler microcontrollers, running full-featured desktop operating systems and allowing onboard development and debugging of more complex code and much more detailed interfacing abilities than their smaller cousins.

with a background in internet and website design, I love working to create complete web-based interface solutions using the Raspberry Pi as a great platform with outstanding connectivity options.

There's now also the exciting new Raspberry Pi Pico, a versatile and powerful microcontroller that offers excellent control capabilities in a small and very cost-effective package that's incredibly easy to develop for.

Raspberry Pi Pico

The Raspberry Pi Pico is a new microcontroller designed by the Raspberry Pi foundation to complement their existing offerings. It is fast, versatile and very easy to program, coming equipped with a built-in micro-python or circuit-python interpreter.

There are already a host of alternative boards, add-ons and peripherals available that together provide a quick and efficient route to built a control or interface.