Storage Solutions

Let me advise you as your storage needs grow. From internal and external hard drives to NAS storage and Storage Server solutions, we can grow your storage infrastructure together.

We'll always keep an eye on data security and integrity, with an emphasis on backup routines and cloud storage solutions.

Right from the start, storage is fundamental to the workings of any computer system. Whether it is adding a second hard drive fort expansion or a fast SSD to improve the perofrmance of a desktop or laptop, storage is vital.

As storage requirements grow, and with them the requirements for good backup solutions, external hard drives and NAS drives may become an option. A NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution allows for very large capacities, with a built-in safety margin and the added bonus of being visible to all the users on a local network. This can be the ideal large-capacity solution for a family at home or a small business.

Moving up a step in complexity and possible capacity, we can take a look at server solutions. A server is nothing more than a dedicated computer and, in this case we are talking more specifically about the use of File Servers.

A Window-based file server is a great solution for small and medium businesses where various users need to share and access data. Servers give tight control over the access rules that are applied to a set of files, right down to the individual folder level and allow for comprehensive management of backup options and cloud connectivity.

Finally, cloud-based storage allows access to data from anywhere in the world and can also be used to provide a safe offsite backup solution for critical busness data.