At DKID, software is obviously an integral part of everything we do. We use modern software to edit photographs, design posters, layout books, create web-sites and do our email. We also, however, write custom software to help us and our clients in their day-to-day business.

When we are asked to create a web-site for a customer and they express a need to be able to change some - or all - of the content on that site, then we will generally create a software solution to the management of the site. In this regard, our approach is somewhat different to the approach of many site designers. we prefer the offline approach as it has many benefits over the more conventional online database-based Content Management Systems (CMS).

CMS allow parts of the site to be changed quickly and simply - you don't need to know how it all works, just fill in some forms and press the update button at the end. By using a CMS, you retain tight control of the style and layout of the site and the system will make it difficult - if not impossible - to mess things up. With years of experience working in this way we can pass on the biggest benefit of the offline approach direct to our customers - this is a very cost-effective way of managing your web-site.

In addition to creating semi-custom CMS solutions, we also have a broader platform consisting of two complete CMS solutions - one for online retail called SimpleShop and one for general website mangement.

The WEBSITES page on this site lists a number of our sites and indicates whether they are managed by a CMS or not to give you a flavour of what we could do for you.

We also write general software, with a particular emphasis on providing database-to-PDF solutions for producing attractive and consistent documentation for businesses.

A sample CMS Menu
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