When we ere first asked to create a solution for one of our clients to sell products online, we took advantage of the Venda SAS platform to create an online presence for them. We then produced several more sites with the same platform.

A couple of our clients found that, although they were successfully doing business online, they were finding it hard to justify the £40 per month to maintain their Venda platforms. We were asked if there was a solution that would be more cost effective whilst retaining much of the functionality of their existing sites.

Now in use for more than five years, SimpleShop has been completely re-written in in the modern B4J IDE to create a platform-agnostic solution that is both backwards-compatible with earlier SimpleShop installations and also forward-looking in it's abilities and performance.

Features of SimpleShopX2 Include:-

  • Product database for up to 32,000 product variations.
  • Multiple product variations - sizes, colours, etc.
  • Two different product categorisation options (Categories and Brands).
  • Multiple images per product.
  • Related product lists (Cross Selling).
  • Special Offers
  • Web Page Manager.
    • Multiple layout options.
    • Multiple images.
    • Rotating advertising banners.
  • Image Gallery with up to 32,000 images.
  • Social Link integration.
  • Site Search integration.
  • Paypal merchant solutions.
  • Home Page News Feed options.
  • Full Site Management and Maintenance.
  • Convert from older SimpleShop installations.

SimpleShop is a commercial solution. Please contact us for more information about this cost-effective online retail management system.

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