Photography is an essential tool for the modern designer and DKID have been working with photographs since long before the advent of digital photography. Well-taken photographs can enhance a design, enliven a web-site or add that finishing touch to a book or brochure.

This is a time for work to overlap with pleasure - we have taken tens of thousands of photographs in East Africa whilst on Safari and also tens of thousands during the TT and Manx Grand Prix festivals. Some of these find their way into our own publications, but also they are readily available for our clients.

We take photos for manu purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Interiors
    • businesses, shops and offices
    • general property interiors - for designers or real estate sales
  • Outdoors
    • landscapes, scenery and drone-based aerial photographs
    • businesses at work
    • panoramic and stitched images for large scale reproduction
  • Action - motorsports & watersports
  • Wildlife
    • local wildlife of the Isle of Man
    • the wildlife of East Africa, mammals, reptiles and birds
  • Products - images for websites, brochures and general promotion / record keeping
  • Reproduction - photographic scanning of art / documents

The slideshow below offers avery brief showcase of our work. Click the link to visit our photography site at

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