A sense of design - good, simple design, underpins everything that DKID do. None of the work we produce can be successful without design being at the heart of it all.

Graphic Design

Whether it is deciding on the layout of a web page or the setting of a brochure, graphic design is not just about artwork. The whole process must work to create a whole that is more than the sum of the individual graphical parts. DKID have designed everything from business cards and labels at the small end of the scale right up to display stands, banners and posters at the large end, with everything in between covered as well.

Our graphics services are fast, reactive and above all, cost effective. If you need something designed, or an existing design modified or tweaked, then get in touch and let us give you a quote. We work with Photoshop, Illustrator and DrawPlus and are able to produce industry-standard output files.

We also have access to and experience with using Wissen Decostudio to create machine-ready embroidery files for multi-needle industrial embroidery machines.

Software Design

The design of a software interface is far from simple. It is much more than a box to type in and a button to press. The features of the design should make the data presented easy to understand, make editing simple and efficcient and make good use of the real-estate available on the screen. All of these things are the work of the designers. They must be able to analyse the needs of the client and come up with a system that works for them.

Above all, software design must fit in with the skills and needs of the client. The simplicity of our designs make for software that is easy to learn and intuitive to use. Modular design makes it easy to change the software as needed to introduce new features and functionality.

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