BirdLister - Version History

Version 1.50.10 Live - 6 October 2015

Implemented Google Maps Views.



Version 1.50.00 Live - 4 October 2015

Bug Fixes to Stats screen and Google Maps.

Corrected highlight box errors in stats view and allowed more integration of maps views with associated bug-fices.


Version 1.40.60 Live - 1 October 2015

Improved search/filter facilities and new manual import option.

Search now allows searches by individual keywords instead of whole string - change your preference in the settings.

Manual import shows each line of the CSV file and allows you to manually match any column data to a list of search results.

In statistics view, clicking on a cell will show info on the selected species.

Several bug-fixes and some code tidy-up


Version 1.40.50 Live

Backup and Restore functions added. You can now save a country database to ZIP and restore, or save the whole database to ZIp and restore.

Several bug-fixes and some code tidy-up


Version 1.40.20 Live

This is mainly a bug-fix version. Numerous bugs in database switching and data entry were squashed.

We've added the ability to see the species that is indicated in the statistics screen - it appears bottom left.


Version 1.40.00 Live

The first public release. Full windows installer for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows from 7 to 10.

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